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  • Designed for use over normal clothing or a jumpsuit, our general purpose camera jackets feature a large wing and an ultra-secure 20mm Fastex clip on 20mm webbing to attach the bottom edge of the wing to your rigs legstraps.
  • The supplied thumb loops are attached to the top edge of the wing inside the sleeve, giving you total control of your wing surface. This control gives you enough power to either lurk in the burble, or punch it up to the top of the drogue.
  • Use your jacket with a weight belt, and you’ll never be slow dropping into a tandem after the exit, or getting to exactly where you need to be for the perfect shot.
  • Available in any colours in either the body of the jacket, or the wing.
  • Constructed in Taslon or cotton, with a double thickness lycra back, our jackets feature a velcro closed internal pocket (your choice of sides) well below the level of your chest strap, allowing easy access to the spares, lens cleaning cloths, etc. that you need access to in the aircraft. Available as a custom jacket (Measurement guide), or in standard sizes (select when you order).

Measurement Guide

Standard (unisex) chest sizes available are:
Small 86-90cm (34-36inches)
Medium 95-100cm (38-40inches)
Large 105-110cm (42-44inches)
Extra Large 115-120cm (46-48inches).

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