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A cutaway system is available on this glove

  • The Duet is a double glove which holds 2 Hero Session cameras.
  • This glove is the smallest double camera glove form factor that we make.
  • This makes it ideal for those Tandem Masters who have smaller hands.
  • All camera buttons are easily operated, and the heavy duty clear plastic front lets you see the state of the cameras so you can skydive with confidence without worrying about whether your cameras are on or not.
  • Both GoPros are held into the rigid backing by an elastic holder, and secured firmly against it by the heavy duty plastic front, which is in turn closed by a heavy duty 50mm velcro sandwich. There is NO PLASTIC in front of the camera lenses.

Small 20cm (7 3/4 inches) around the knuckles, 9cm (3 1/2 inches) knuckles to wrist

Medium 23cm (9 inches) around the knuckles, 10cm (4 inches) knuckles to wrist

Large 25cm (10 inches) around the knuckles, 11cm (4 1/4 inches) knuckles to wrist

X-Large 28cm (11 inches) around the knuckles, 11cm (4 1.4 inches) knuckles to wrist

Measure around your knuckles with your fist clenched. Custom sizes are also available. As the gloves are fully adjustable, most sizes fit most hands – if you wear gloves most of the time, measure with your gloves on – it will still fit your bare hand, I guarantee it!

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