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A cutaway system is available on this glove

The GoSolo holds a single GoPro™camera, and gives you the ability to provide top quality video OR stills.Gloves for any GoPro Hero cameras – specify your camera type when ordering.

These gloves are the result of years of intensive R&D in a Cessna DZ environments, so you can be sure that they are snag resistant, and heavy duty! Your GoPro camera is held securely by elastic onto a HighDensity foam base. This base is moulded to the shape of your hand, with a support fillet of the same material behind the camera. This helps prevent camera shake, while giving a pliable mount which will protect your hand and camera in the event of an awkward landing or exit.

The base is tilted upwards away from your arm at about 20 degrees, reducing the amount of your arm in the video, and giving the perfect angle for ‘no thought’ video. Just hold a straight armed arch, and the camera is looking straight at you both! Use your single landscape mounted GoPro camera for either Stills or Video.

The angles of the camera, and the pliable base, combined with the small but strong glove, make this unit the perfect HandyCam glove for new tandem Masters.

The standard angle is with the camera on a line from the rear wrist bone to the index finger knuckle and is perfect for newbie Tandem Masters, or those with shorter arms.

An angle from the rear wrist bone to the second (longest) finger is great for experienced tandem masters, or those with longer arms, as the amount of arm in frame is greatly reduced.

All camera buttons can be accessed while the camera is in the glove, and the clear front lets you clearly see the indicator lights and screen on the camera, letting you skydive with confidence, not worrying whether your camera is on or not.

The heavy duty plastic front is secured by a velcro sandwich at the back of the base, preventing the camera escaping if you snag the glove at the door, or on a riser.


Small 20cm (7 3/4 inches) around the knuckles, 9cm (3 1/2 inches) knuckles to wrist

Medium 23cm (9 inches) around the knuckles, 10cm (4 inches) knuckles to wrist

Large 25cm (10 inches) around the knuckles, 11cm (4 1/4 inches) knuckles to wrist

X-Large 28cm (11 inches) around the knuckles, 11cm (4 1.4 inches) knuckles to wrist

Measure around your knuckles with your fist clenched. Custom sizes are also available. As the gloves are fully adjustable, most sizes fit most hands – if you wear gloves most of the time, measure with your gloves on – it will still fit your bare hand, I guarantee it!

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