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A cutaway system is available on this glove

  • The Solo4 glove is our latest model, and was designed to hold ANY GoPro camera case.
  • 2020 redesign has the screw on the opposite side, so that the Hero8 and onwards battery/card covers can be opened when using the built in legs.
  • A contoured snag resistant soft base holds the camera to the glove, via a normal GoPro hinge base, and the camera is secured by a GoPro screw. This enables the camera up/down angle to be varied to where you want it, then set in place by tightening the screw.
  • This glove was designed to fit ANY GoPro model, or any camera that utilises the standard GoPro base profile…..perfect if you need a water proof HandyCam glove, or a camera in a skeleton case, and want to be able to adjust the up/down angle!


Small 20cm (7 3/4 inches) around the knuckles, 9cm (3 1/2 inches) knuckles to wrist

Medium 23cm (9 inches) around the knuckles, 10cm (4 inches) knuckles to wrist

Large 25cm (10 inches) around the knuckles, 11cm (4 1/4 inches) knuckles to wrist

X-Large 28cm (11 inches) around the knuckles, 11cm (4 1.4 inches) knuckles to wrist

Measure around your knuckles with your fist clenched. Custom sizes are also available. As the gloves are fully adjustable, most sizes fit most hands – if you wear gloves most of the time, measure with your gloves on – it will still fit your bare hand, I guarantee it!

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