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I’m a working Tandem Master, and I know the kind of use and abuse that Tandem gear gets. My tandem student pants are built to take whatever your passengers, or the conditions, can throw at them.

  • Constructed in Garberdene (whatever colour you want) with tough 1000 denier Cordura butt (also whatever colour you want), with either your company logo or mine embroidered (text for free, actual logos may be an extra charge) on the butt.
  • With either the standard elastic and velcro waistband, or without elastic and a built in clip closed belt (extra $20), these pants feature velcro closed leg bottoms (generous 50mm velcro lengths)
  • 4 standard sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large), and a great hard-wearing fit.
  • Knee lift assist 20mm webbing is also a standard option, just above the knees.

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