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These belts are built to the classic basic weight strip belt design

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  • This is the classic skydiving belt, which you can wear in the air, or the tunnel.
  • These belts are built to the classic basic weight strip belt design, with 2 heavy duty 38mm clips keeping the 2 super strong 38mm external webbing rails closed (25mm webbing and clips are available as a free of charge option). A #5 YKK zip on the inside of the belt closes the weight pocket strip, and a layer of Spacer Foam on the back of the belt between you and your weights provides comfort.
  • As more weight is added to the belt, the bulge of the pockets shortens the belt, meaning that you usually have to adjust the belt length when adding or removing weight from the belt.
  • With the layer of Spacer Foam added to this belt, it is great for jumpers who have to wear weight on every jump, but still like gear that’s comfortable to wear.
  • The number of pockets sewn into the bag can be varied for custom requirements, with the normal belt having 8 pockets, and holding up to 8KG

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