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These belts are built to the classic basic weight strip belt design

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  • These belts are built to the classic basic weight strip belt design, with 2 heavy duty 38mm clips keeping the 2 super strong 38mm external webbing rails closed (25mm webbing and clips are available as a free of charge option).
  • A #6 YKK zip on the inside of the belt closes the weight pocket strip.
  • As more weight is added to the belt, the bulge of the pockets shortens the belt, meaning that you have to adjust the belt length.
  • This belt is great for the budget conscious, or occasional weight wearers who just need a cheap belt in their gear bag.
  • The number of pockets sewn into the bag can be varied for custom requirements, with the normal belt having 8 pockets, and holding up to 8kg.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Number of pockets (8 is standard)

4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Webbing and clips size (38mm is standard)

25mm, 38mm

Weight belt add-on options

Cutaway system . $50, Velcro closing weight bags – Holds 1Kg $40 for set of 8, Velcro closing weight bags – Holds 2Kg $50 for set of 8, Weight (sewn in 1Kg bags – standard size for all belts) $10/bag, Weight (sewn in 2Kg bags – Swooper Supreme) $20/bag


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