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  • If you want a belt for tunnel use, this is the one for you.
  • Made from heavy duty 1000 Denier black (or any other colour you want) Cordura, with 2 heavy duty 38mm clips keeping the 2 super strong 38mm webbing rails closed (25mm webbing and clips are available as a free of charge option), these belts are built to take the strain.
  • The belts are made by attaching the webbing to a sandwich of a layer of high density foam between heavy duty Cordura (lining the pockets) and Spacer Foam (for body comfort) like you’ll find lining the inside of most modern skydiving rigs.
  • The weight is held in pockets which are external to the belt, which means that you don’t have to resize the belt every time you add or subtract weight from the belt. The pockets are made from heavy duty Cordura and are closed by a #5 YKK zip. These belts will take any abuse you give them.
  • The “Standard 8” belt holds 8kg of lead in total in 8 pockets spread around the belt, and comes in 3 sizes (with custom sizes and colours available on request):
  • All belts are adjustable within 5cm (2 inches) smaller, and 10cm (4 inches) larger than their size range. With a pocket height of only 100mm (4 inches), and only 25mm (1inch) thick, these comfortable skydiving and wind tunnel weight belts are able to be worn inside or outside of your jumpsuit, and under or over your rig, and won’t restrict access to your handles when worn around your waist.
  • Sold with or without weights, and holding up to 8kg. Lead shot supplied in 1kg bags suitable for the belt pocket size.

Small 70 – 85 cm ( 27 – 33 inches)
Medium 80 – 95 cm ( 31 – 37 inches)
Large 90 – 105 cm ( 35 – 41 inches)

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Weight belt add-on options

Cutaway system . $50, Velcro closing weight bags – Holds 1Kg $40 for set of 8, Velcro closing weight bags – Holds 2Kg $50 for set of 8, Weight (sewn in 1Kg bags – standard size for all belts) $10/bag, Weight (sewn in 2Kg bags – Swooper Supreme) $20/bag


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