Glove cutaway system



The Freefallsupport cutaway system for handycam gloves is designed to allow a glove to be easily cut away when shit goes down.

We use the tried and tested fabric hinge design, closed off by a single strand yellow cable. This cable is anchored at the back of the glove, and in an emergency simply strip the cable out to seperate the glove in the middle – shake it off your thumb, and get on with the job at hand!

All of our gloves are designed to be as snag proof as possible, but we recognise that shit happens, and sometimes it happens to us! This cutaway is the result of extensive testing, and we are sure that it is the most snag-proof that we could make it, while still leaving the cutaway super accessible for if and when you need it.

The cutaway cable goes around 2 corners for firmness, and is only accessible at the wrist end of the glove, making an unintentional cutaway highly unlikely.

The cutaway system is available for ALL models of glove that we make.